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How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

Using a credit card when making payments online is much safer than walking down the street with a cashfilled wallet. But scammers can lie in wait for potential victims, not meeting them in person. Therefore, you should be vigilant. Useful to know:

- An online cvvstore employee who makes a purchase will never ask for your card PIN code. This information is confidential, and it is not necessary for the transaction.

- If the seller asks you to name the code that comes via SMS to your mobile phone, read the message carefully. Fraudsters often use this trick to replace the pin code on your carddumps. You can play into their hands.

- If your credit card has been debited and you haven't made a purchase, immediately block it by contacting your Bank. When the card is already blocked, start calmly figuring out what happened.

- It is risky to store your card information (especially your PIN code) in your mobile phone or computer. Your phone may be lost or stolen, and your computer may be attacked by hackers using malware that reads information.