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Cashback function

Different people spend different amounts on certain purchases topccshop. Accordingly, the same credit card will have a different benefit. For example, there is a 10% cashback on expenses made at the gas station. One holder is constantly moved on its own vehicle. The other does not have it at all. Therefore, for the former, the benefit will be significant. For the second, it is equal to zero.

If we consider the methods of accruing cashback, they can be divided into three main types.

1. Real money. In other words, the Bank returns money to the credit card account, which the holder can spend in any convenient direction. The most presentable option for additional income.

2. Accrual to a separate account. The received cashback can be spent exclusively when calculating with a plastic payment instrument. Often in partner trade and service enterprises (TSPS) of the issuing Bank. It is important to note that it is not always possible to fully cover the purchase price with bonuses. At their expense, you can sometimes get a discount of up to 99%.

3. Compensation for already paid purchases. The client is awarded certain points. Often, the compensation procedure is performed by the plastic holder independently. In online banking. It is more appropriate if you plan to spend the accumulated additional income on significant acquisitions. For example, buycccvv gadgets, home appliances, etc